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Cory Reich
"Rowan provides a professional service in every touch point of the recording experience. Rowan demonstrates an exceptionally high level of competency, providing amazing engineering, guidance and support during the recording of an audiobook. His edits produced an exceptional end product. I unequivocally recommend working with SLC Recording for any recording needs you may have."

Gina Osmond and Kevin Brock The GMOB - Gina Marie Osmond Band

"We found Rowan in 2020 for our first cover band promotional audio creation.  From the beginning, we know we had hired a professional audio engineer. Rowan was very attentive to keeping our instruments in tune as we recorded and kept in touch with time to ensure we got the most bang for our buck. His expertise and decades of experience using ProTools was outstanding. His ability and speed to capture, edit, retake, mix, etc. was so quick and efficient, it really helped us save time in the studio!  On top of that, he genuinely listened to our creative direction and delivered exactly what we envisioned, all within budget! 


In August 2023, the band decided to update our songs and redo our promotional audio track. We immediately called Rowan--no hesitation! 

As we anticipated, we received the same solid audio engineering talent, ProTools expertise and speed, attention to our creative vision and we stayed in budget!  Our new audio track came out amazing and we are already booking new gigs across the state due to the professional sound Rowan was able to expertly master.


Our next venture is focused on a few originals over 2024.  When the time comes to lay those songs down, you know we will be calling Rowan again!"  

Carlie Judd Hardy

"Rowan's skills are excellent. It was my first audiobook and he guided me through the process adeptly. He will work with you as an author to make sure the audio version of your book meets the highest standards"

Libby Landvatter
"Rowan is hands down the best recording engineer I have ever worked with. I would even argue that he is one of the best in the country. I have had the privilege of working with him several times over the years, and his expertise, professionalism, raw talent, insights and experience, and even uncannily spot-on instincts all make the perfect storm for brilliant recordings. I have worked with other engineers, and I can safely say that I don’t trust anyone else with my music. He is truly one of Salt Lake’s best kept secrets."

Sara Baldwin - Energy Innovation
"I am a podcast host and absolutely recommend SLC Recording and Rowan for all sound engineering needs! He is highly professional, efficient, and attentive. Two thumbs up!"

Jim Waldron
"Rowan Stigner is Utah's best kept secret! He is a great sound engineer and really listens to every song and gives 100% into pushing the song to its best potential, while always listening to the artist first. It's always a fun environment working/recording songs with him and he is always professional and really has a great insight into the music scene and developing your sound!"

Ryan Carter
"Rowan is an absolute professional and expert at his craft. If you need recording done in slc, he's your man."

Serena Sterling

"It was a joy to work with Rowan. I was beginning to panic and feel overwhelmed at the idea of doing my own audiobook, with all the technical aspects, so reached out to him and was stoked to get a quick response. I explained that I was working under a tight deadline and not only did Rowan accommodate me on that but the recording process was effortless. It took 3 days of 4 hour sittings with breaks to record a 300 page book. He knew when I needed to slow down, articulate certain words, and even the feedback he gave me between chapters was validating personally and professionally. The final product, after his editing and cleaning up mouth sounds and anything else, sounds clear and is something I'm proud of. I highly recommend Rowan to anyone recording an audiobook."

Lara Jones
"I was looking for a new theme song for my public affairs show. Rowan took a few notes from me, then came back with a sound reflecting the mood and style I was trying to set. And he's provided live sound mixing for bands on the show, too. Don't know how to get where you want to go? He can help you figure that out, and then get you there. He's got great ears, ideas and chops."

Jess Cleeves

"At first, I dreaded recording my audiobook, but after the first session with Rowan I felt supported, confident, and excited. Rowan pairs his laser-focus on a quality recording with a calm, gentle demeanor. The recording process was flexible and shifted depending upon what my voice could tolerate in a given day. I could not be more pleased with the quality of the final product; it's professional, clean, but still very much me. I'll schedule with Rowan again when it's time to record my next audiobook."

J.A. Carter-Winward

"As a novelist and (sometimes) songwriter, I've worked with a few different local studios on audiobooks and music over the last decade. When I first began working with Rowan Stigner, I was encouraged by his knowledge, expertise, and professionalism. As we continued working together, I became even more impressed with his ability to elicit the very best from me, no matter what we were working on—I simply can't say enough good things about Rowan and what a pleasure he is to work with."

Drunk in June

"Working with Rowan was one of the easiest and best processes we have done as a band. The scheduling was simple, the mix-updates were consistent, and the time in the studio was fun, professional, and most importantly productive. As a whole band this was our first project and Rowan not only helped us to distill our current recorded sound, but made it possible to take the leap to being professional musicians. Without his work on our album it wouldn’t have been possible. We are extremely grateful for the patience and professionalism we experienced from him throughout the recording process. We will most definitely be back to work with him as soon as we can, and cannot recommend his prowess enough to anybody looking to record music in Salt Lake City."

Juan Maestas

"I recently had the pleasure of witnessing Rowan's exceptional skills in audio recording and post-production sound. His expertise was evident as he worked on tracks for musician Libby Lenan, and I had the opportunity to collaborate with him on post-production work for WGU's c-suite internal video projects. I wholeheartedly recommend Rowan without any hesitation and hold him in the highest regard."

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